3D X-Ray - DVT

Image diagnostics in the three-dimensionally captured representation of the tooth and jaw condition provides the very highest expressiveness, because the oral cavity and its surroundings are captured three-dimensionally true to reality and can provide insights into the very finest details by magnification.

3D Röntgen
On the monitor, all areas can be called up from any angle and with any cross-section. There are no limits to the variety of diagnostic information and it makes even the most accurate assessments possible. The clearest possible recognition of all required details enables us to produce reliable findings effortlessly. This is also done in a matter of seconds using our high-resolution digital volume tomography. Apart from indispensable application requirements, such as dental prosthesis planning, implant planning, root canal treatment, periodontal therapy or before surgical procedures, this device is unlimited and can also be used advantageously for standard examinations.

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