Pain treatment

Toothaches are a clear indication of the need for treatment and should always be corrected immediately. Any delay increases the cause of the pain and worsens the chances of a good cure.

The condition of the tooth, including gums and jaws, is a very sensitive area with extremely sensitive nerve structures that send out alarm signals via the pain sensation in the event of disturbances. These alarm signals should be taken seriously and treated by a dentist.


If necessary, the dentist will help you with a fast-acting local anaesthetic of the acute pain site and subsequent dental treatment.

The causes of toothache can be many and require the most accurate assessment. The reason can be in the area of caries, pulpitis, paradontitis, tooth injuries, exposed tooth necks, etc..

Based on the diagnosis, we will decide on further treatment measures. In the foreground is the elimination of pain and then the effort for tooth preserving measures.
Angst vor schmerzhafter oder unangenehmer Behandlung zur Schmerzbeseitigung sollte es nicht geben, denn wir sind um die Zahngesundheit der Patienten in bestmöglicher Weise bemüht.

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