Immediate Care CAD-CAM

For the benefit of our patients we accelerate and optimize the dental treatment by using the CAD/CAM method.

This method is digital and means the computer-controlled shaping and the immediately following production of the dental prosthesis on connected milling units. This is done in a single operation directly at the treatment chair, with the patient and dentist working simultaneously and together on the individual restoration solution. This means that we can immediately take into account every wish of our patient.

Sofortversorgung CAD

The advantages of this approach are enormous:

The accuracy of fit is unsurpassed. Functionality and aesthetics meet every requirement.

The tooth-colored all-ceramic dental prosthesis of the highest material quality cannot be visually distinguished from your own teeth. This method enables us to perform the restoration on the same day in just one session. This optimizes the production of dental crowns, partial crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers.

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