Diese Erkrankung ist eine chronische Entzündung des Zahnhalteapparates mit einem langsam fortschreitenden Gewebeabbau. Da der Verlauf dieser Erkrankung schmerzlos ist, bleibt er oft unentdeckt. Die Entzündung wird durch Bakterien verursacht, die sich in Zahnfleischtaschen ansiedeln. Dadurch werden Zahnfleischbluten, Zahnlockerung und Mundgeruch ausgelöst.


Non-treatment results in gum recession and exposed tooth necks. The jawbone and the connective tissue are attacked. Periodontitis increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, premature birth, pneumonia and diabetes mellitus. Treatment of periodontitis reduces this risk and can bring periodontitis to a halt.

The aim of the dental treatment is to eliminate the bacteria on the basis of a periodontal status which has been established, whereby the damage to the periodontium is detected by measuring the gum pockets. During the subsequent initial treatment, the tooth roots under the gums are cleaned and smoothed. In order to ensure a good healing process, the cleaned teeth must always be kept clean by the patients themselves. A new periodontal status is established after several weeks of the healing phase in order to reassess the course of the disease. The inflammation must then be completely healed, otherwise further treatments would be necessary, such as surgical measures, laser treatments, etc.. Professional tooth cleaning in the form of repeated regular and lifelong periodontitis prophylaxis prevents the recurrence of periodontitis. Such a lifelong aftercare is indispensable.

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