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In childhood, the foundation is laid for the preservation of teeth for life and for the fear of the dentist. The anatomical and physiological characteristics of children require different and special treatment concepts.
It is important to have a relaxed, positive atmosphere with the parent in the treatment room. All attention belongs to the child, because it must be the center of attention. Getting to know a dentist for the first time would be beneficial between the 2nd and 3rd year of the child's life.

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With regard to dental health and dental care, the first visits to the dentist with positive experiences shape the later behaviour of the little patient. The avoidance of waiting times and a very loving and empathetic approach support the success of the treatment simulation. This means making the planned treatment understandable in a playful way by explaining, showing and doing (Tell-Show-Do method).
This also includes professional tooth cleaning, where the child is trained to brush their teeth in a playful way in order to familiarise them with dental care. Important for good oral health is the daily brushing of the teeth, including after-cleaning by the parents, as well as regular visits to the dentist.
Preventive measures in paediatric dentistry include prophylaxis with the aim of dental health and correct tooth positioning, nutritional advice, fluoridation of the teeth, fissure sealing. Treatments include caries, pulp, periodontal diseases and orthodontic treatment in early childhood.
In the case of severely damaged milk teeth, it is possible to preserve the teeth with prefabricated crowns for children, which are attached directly to the milk cheek teeth. If milk teeth are lost, removable or fixed gap holders are used as placeholders to prevent protracted orthodontic treatment.

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